Saturday, February 23, 2008

Kings Dominion 2008 Brochure

Here's another 2008 brochure: Kings Dominion.

New for 2008 - Dominator. They've changed the colors on a photo of an existing Floorless coaster.

Smart of them to put right on there that it's opening late spring. They're also mentioning again that it has the "largest roller coaster loop!"

Water park stuff and rides for everyone!

Looks like entertainment at the park will stay the exact same as last year. And of course, as they should, they're showing all the Nick stuff at the park.

Information - I haven't paid attention to the past couple year's entry price but I had sticker shock when I read that regular admission is just under $52!


dwitos079 said...

It actually does have the biggest loop.

eddie200330 said...

51.95 !! Are they kidding? With that price, how is a family supposed to afford to go??

mwh said...

That is the gate price with no discounts. You can purchase your tickets in advance on the parks web site, That will save you $12-$15 off the adult price and $5-$10 off the junior/senior ticket prices. If you live within KD's market area, their could be other coupon discounts offered.

I think the web site prices are going to save you the most. Plus, you don't have to wait in line to purchase them at the parks front gate. You print the tickets on your own printer.

KDwiz said...

The 51.95 price is a pay once visit twice ticket, and unlike Busch Gardens, who demands that you visit your second time within 13 days, KD allows your second trip to be anytime during the 2008 season. Great Deal Actually.