Thursday, June 21, 2007

Drachen Fire Aerial

© Busch Gardens Europe

Drachen Fire at Busch Gardens Europe (formally Williamsburg) was an odd coaster, and it turned my father green when we rode it in 1993.

It lost an inversion after 1994, and sometime after that is when this Busch Gardens media image was taken. The first corkscrew, directly after the mid-course brake run, was removed.

4 years later the ride closed, and 3 years after that the ride went to roller coaster heaven. Hope you enjoy the image!


Unknown said...

I remember Drachen Fire! It was a neat idea but the actual ride was horrible! I remember thinking my ears were bleeding from all the banging around, when I got off. Too bad they couldn't just work out the kinks...

Krostroma said...

I really wish BGW would reinvent this ol legend in return of the drachen fire something to that effect. would be a huge success and a resurgence in coaster fans everywhere.