Friday, June 15, 2007

A B&M for Canada's Wonderland?

Screamscape seems to think so. They are reporting a "semi-confirmed" coaster for 2008, with its station located "across from the Italian Job station."

Screamscape says that while the "200 foot" ride may be a hypercoaster, it could also be a dive machine.

Well, I looked at the aerial of the area being described and my imagination saw this:

Using the empty spot across from Italian Job's station, the new ride's station would fit nicely. Then the ride, as B&M Hypers like to do, would go out on the lift, drop then turn, do some hills, have a helix, bunny hop back and hit the brakes.

Plus with that perimeter road and lake there it'd all just be too nice. Just like at La Ronde, or Six Flags Over Georiga, the hypercoaster would travel out of the main park area wonderfully.

This does make sense though. Canada's Wonderland is still the highest attended seasonal park in North America. And look at recent expansions: water park expansions, one of those scary Zamperla flying coasters, a bunch of large flat rides, and Italian Job.

A park that pulls the numbers this one does deserves, nay, justifies a nice, big, capacity eating reliable coaster. One that's not a one trick pony, either. And hey, we all know Cedar Fair's love of hypercoasters!

Be advised, this is ALL guesses. We'll stay tuned!