Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hershey Park Looks to the Future

© J.A.R. via Flickr

The Patriot News has an interesting interview with the CEO of Hershey Entertainment, Ted Kleisner. He talks pretty frankly about the ongoing redevelopment of downtown Hershey, seen in the photo above.

Additionally, he also talks about the fact that they are doing a feasibility study to see if a smaller boutique hotel would work in the area.

And then the good stuff. He also talks about some plans for Hershey Park. He mentions that the Boardwalk water park area is a smash success. He says that they need to expand the water park area, adding a real wave pool and changing Canyon River Rapids into something more exciting. He also points out that older rides will have to be retired.

They sure will! Somethings gotta go if they plan to fit a real wavepool in that area. Even if the Wild Mouse is moved that doesn't open enough space. Canyon River Rapids really may be on the chopping block. Can't wait to see what they come up with. Here's a guess:

The areas marked boardwalk have been developed for this summer. They put a new entrance to the Boardwalk where I marked it, with new entrances to Canyon Rapids and Tidal Force.

They could rip out Canyon Rapids and have the water park area in there as well, plenty of room for a wave pool and some more slides and etc. Then the newer entrance would have water stuff on both sides of it still, so long as they keep Tidal Force.

Also, the Western Chute Out is rumored to be removed. A water slide doesn't make sense here, but they could bump the midway over that direction to have more room where Canyon Rapids' old entrance was.

They have a stinky approval process to go though like Dorney so we'll probably hear sooner than later.