Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hard Rock Park Construction

It's been a while so let's check back in with how things are going over at Hard Rock Park. The park's official page has added another webcam that changes views every so often and updates every few seconds.

You can check out the park's webcam page here.

The noteworthy site in the above photo is the construction area for Midnight Rider, which I gather is a Vekoma Minetrain, in the lower right corner.

Roller Coaster Database reports that it looks like a 785m Mine Train, and they have a great photo that provides a good view of that model of ride's layout here. Looking at a picture of the model and that photo I'd have to agree.

It looks like they have started digging around more, perhaps starting to outline where the station will be? It's hard to tell, but it does look different than a few weeks ago.

Here is a view from the cam of the entrance area, and work going on for a restaurant in the Cool Country section of the park.

The six little yellow buildings back there are the ticket booths. The building that is circled seems much further along than the buildings around it. I believe it to be the building circled in the image below. Looks like a guest relations facility and/or maybe potties to me.

I think they match up well. You can also notice that the framing for all the buildings that form the entrance plaza and 'main street' area are up as well.

Here is another view that has two things worth pointing out. The circle in the upper left is of two cranes that are assembling the B&M Led Zeppelin coaster. The coaster has gone vertical, there are some pictures in this thread on Theme Park Review.

The other circle, on the right, looks like possible footings or something for the Slippery When Wet coaster, which is Hydra Fighter from Wet'n'Wild Emerald Pointe. That's where the ride is supposed to go, at the very least.

I'm sure the B&M will continue to grow quickly and we'll have to watch the webcams for that!