Friday, June 29, 2007

A Look at Thomas Town

© 2007 Theme Park Village

Theme Park Village has a photo tour up of the new Thomas Town area at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Please click here to check it out.

The Thomas areas are now open at both Discovery Kingdom and Six Flags New England. I said a couple months back that I was anxious to see how they did with the theming in the area.

Now, thanks to Theme Park Village, I have had my first good look at how it all turned out. I have to say that it's very well done.

The section is small, featuring the train ride and two children's rides, but themed nicely. It's certainly not over the top, but comparable to the level Paramount Parks used to have, which is a step above Six Flags in my opinion.

For instance, they have a roundhouse that shows all of Thomas' friends parked, and it's a full size building which as far as I can tell does not have a purpose aside from being theming. Nice.

I'm sure families are loving it, and I'm also sure we'll see a few more of these open in 2008.