Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dollywood's Tennessee Tornado Press Release

At the end of June, 1998, Dollywood Theme Park made a big announcement. They announced that they were planning a multi-inversion steel roller coaster named Tennessee Tornado for the 1999 season.

I was lucky to receive a copy of this release, and thought I'd share it with you. I suppose you could say that Tennessee Tornado was the start of the addition of big coasters to Dollywood, which now include Thunderhead and Mystery Mine. (both of which look fantastic) Enough, here is the release:


Judy P in Pgh said...

I made it down to Dollywood last summer. TN Tornado was fun, but tame by today's standards. Thunderhead was impresseive in that it never lets up. Can't wait to get back down there to ride Mystery Mine!

NewsPlusNotes said...

I wish Dollywood was in my travel plans this summer, but sadly it's not. It seems like such a well rounded park - I really like that. And Mystery Mine - wow!