Monday, June 18, 2007

Cedar Fair Vs. The 49ers

Above we have a photo of Great America, owned by Cedar Fair, and it's parking lots, above the park in this photo. As we've heard about before, the San Francisco 49ers would like to build their new football stadium in these parking lots.

I mean land is valuable in California, but take a look at what this would make the area look like:

The above image is from a presentation about the stadium and it's financing or something, I was just looking for an image of how it would fit in the parking lots.

What I don't understand is how this could possibly work out. Where would the cars go? If those lots are needed for Great America, HOW can a football stadium be built there and then have support parking as well?

The interactions between Cedar Fair and the 49ers on the issue have become a little he-said-she-said. The San Jose Mercury News has an article that covers all this rather well.

I know it has Cedar Fair fanboy written all over it, but I can't help but understand why the company would be quite apprehensive about this project. I can't wait to see how it all turns out.