Thursday, June 28, 2007

Kings Dominion Trip Part 3

Continuing with the Old Virginia section of the park we come to our first roller coaster, the Grizzly.

The entrance wasn't apparent to me at first, but then I saw the large Grizzly Bear statue and figured it must be down that way. Grizzly opened in 1982, was designed by Taft Attractions Group and built by Kings Entertainment Company. It's located in a heavily wooded part of the park, and features and awesome tunnel.

Here's a picture of the station for the ride, going up the ramp to it. You can see just the kind of woods that are around the ride.

There are only a few places where you can take a picture of the ride because it's in the woods. The above photo is from the exit ramp. I guess they took out a lot of trees recently that hid the ride even more to add go-karts, at least that's what I've read.

As far as the ride goes, it's pretty rough. It's not horrible, and I must point out that I have a low tolerance for rough wooden coasters. It packs a punch, though, keeps it's speed and you get some nice pops of air here and there. Like I said, the tunnel is pretty great too.

Here's a last picture of Grizzly taken from the Eiffel Tower. You can sorta make out the layout if you try.

Like most parks, Kings Dominion also has a river rapids ride. Named White Water Canyon, the ride also takes you though the Virginia woods. My whole family loves these kind of rides, but we were disappointed with this one. There are some good rapids, but you do not get wet. I guess we're used to the soaking you get on Thunder Canyon at Dorney. It was hot when we were there and we wanted to get wet! But no such luck.

Next up is The Grove section, which is filled with some great, good, and not-so-great rides. But that's for later.