Sunday, June 3, 2007

Dorney Aqua Racer Photo Report

I finally had the chance to grab some photos of Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom's new attraction for 2007, Aqua Racer. The attraction is a 6-lane Mat Racer slide made by WhiteWater West. Here we go!

The sign for the attraction. As always, Dorney Park did an fantastic job on the sign. I think it looks really nice, and the whole Capital Blue Cross thing is done appropriately.

The attraction in a wide view. The attraction is very popular, however, since it's a capacity machine, the line moves very fast.

A view of some riders coming down. As expected, the larger the rider the faster you go down. That means that some of the larger individuals that come down look like they have quite the speedy ride.

Here you can see that the run out portion of the slide is an alternation of blue colors, with bright yellow at the end.

Here's so you can see where they put the slide. There was a small hill here last year with a few pine trees on it. You can walk around the whole slide. In this photo the original wave pool is on the left.

Last view of the slide. They have a yellow section at the bottom that I suppose could act as a finish line.

Here's where the Torpedo Tube slides were until this past winter. You can see they planted some pine trees and mulched the hill where they were. The splash pool for them is now the Swim Race game.

Here's the details of the Swim Race game, in case you were interested. I didn't see anyone try it again when I was there.

Other things I noticed while at the park:

• White Water Landing now has two water cannons (literally, they're shaped like little cannons) that you can blast passing boats with. This, naturally, costs money. Bring quarters.

• There were plenty of stakes in the ground for project 2008, but on my most recent trip I didn't see them. They stretched pretty much from Laser up to behind 3 Point Challenge.

That's it for now!


Unknown said...

I tried the Aqua Racer on Saturday morning... it was definitely fun and really intense... I think I kind of strained my neck though!

Unknown said...

The cannon's cost 25 cents per cannon shot.

The grand total of cannon's at Whitewater Landing is 4 not two ;)

NewsPlusNotes said...

I only saw two that were close to where the boats enter the station, I'm guessing there's some over on the other side?

I want to try them out but keep forgetting when I'm at the park.

Do they blast a lot of water?