Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Six Flags Partially Acquires Dick Clark Prod.

Six Flags and RedZone Capital announced that they have purchased Dick Clark Productions for $175 million.

Six Flags will own 40% and Redzone 60%. The image above, from Dick Clark Prod's website, shows the many brands that the company owns. Aside from So You Think You Can Dance, the set is pretty heavily weighted toward older demographics, in my opinion.

Mark Shapiro pointed out many ways that the Six Flags parks will benefit. (press release here) Among them:

• So You Think You Can Dance events at the parks,
• Award Show ticket prizes through season pass purchases,
• Rebranding their concert series as the American Music Awards Concert Series starting 2008,
• American Bandstand concerts at the parks.

As you can see, mostly older demographic stuff, but interesting nonetheless. I think it's fantastic that they would take such an unusual selection of brands and work them into the parks. Shapiro points out they are trying to widen the entertainment and brand offerings at the park, and he certainly is doing that.

Operations and hardware aside, I almost am allowing the thought that Six Flags is keeping up with modernizing their parks much better than Cedar Fair is. yikes.