Tuesday, May 1, 2007

New Universal Park in Dubai

Yesterday Universal Parks & Resorts announced their plans to build a 150 acre theme park named Universal City Dubai in Dubailand.

The park will have 4 lands (three announced are themed to Hollywood, Metropolis, and Adventure) and have some similar rides to other Universal Parks.

The Sun Sentinel, speaking with the Chairman of the Parks & Resorts division, reports that the park will have Revenge of the Mummy, Jurassic Park River Adventure, the Sinbad Stunt Show, and new rides such as a coaster themed to King Kong and an Aladdin ride.

Sounds cool. As seen in the pictures a large model was unveiled, hopefully some better shots of it will turn up soon.


Ryan said...

The "fourth" land is just dying to be Harry Potter. Or, I'm sure that will be the fan speculation. Myself, I could care less.

NewsPlusNotes said...

A very good guess. I cannot think of any reason to mention three of them and not the forth, unless of course it's part of an unannounced plan to bring Harry to the parks.

I hope, anyway, because as in the post above this parks looks severly lacking in the stuff to do category as of right now.