Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Coasters of Cedar Fair

Not roller coasters, the restaurants! Don't ask me why I found all these, but I did, so let's take a look. This is the kind of super nerdy stuff I love. Here they are in order of being built.

Valleyfair! - 1997:

© Larry Pieniazek

First up, we have Coasters at Valleyfair! The original was built in 1997 as the start of a mini-section of buildings that are similarly themed. There's a theatre, Coasters, a pizza place, and an arcade. Notice the sign on the marquee, it changes later on.

Dorney Park - 1998:
© Dorney Park

Then, in '98, Dorney started to build their upper midway section of the park. This Coasters was different, as it was attached to a Fudge and Candy shop. It's basically the same, though. Again, note the marquee (specifically the downward facing arrow).

Worlds of Fun - 1999:
© WorldsofFun.Org

Now that Coasters was a proven success, they branched out. Worlds of Fun added their in '99, oddly enough to the Africa section of the park. Here's where you can see that the marquee has changed. Gone is the long downward arrow, in it's place many smaller ones. Also the Coasters logo now sits on a big chevron type thing.

Cedar Point - 1999:
© Walt Schmidt/Pointbuzz

Naturally, Cedar Point added one as well in 1999. They removed a restaurant and placed this one in its former spot. This one is much more visible from all sides, though, as it's seated in the middle of a large intersection in the park.

Knott's Berry Farm - 1999:
© Lance Hart/Screamscape

Cedar Fair made a lot of changes at Knott's Berry Farm when they purchased the park in '97. They added a Coasters restaurant in 1999. I love the use of the palm trees! They frame the place fantastically. Awesome paint job on that car as well.

Michigan's Adventure - 2006:
© Jon Roost/Mirollercoast

Cedar Fair Planning & Design must have dusted off the blueprints for the restaurant and went to work in 2006 with Michigan's Adventure added their Coasters. Theirs sits inside the entrance to the park much like Dorney's does. This one is also situated with midway on all sides of the establishment.

Canada's Wonderland - 2007:
© shesaidboom

New for 2007 at Canada's Wonderland is a Coasters restaurant. The park was in need of a food overhaul, and a Coasters fit the bill. I don't see any major design changes, but they do have some nice antique cars outside as well.

That's all of them! Are there more in the future? I'm not sure. But if I were a betting man (and I am), I'd look to former Paramount properties for possible new locations. Hope you enjoyed.