Tuesday, May 1, 2007

More Universal Dubai Images

Okay the top photo is from Bloomberg News, and the bottom I found on the always fantastic Disney and More blog. (If you haven't been, again, I'd check it out)

The top photo gives a clear view of the Kong coaster, the model is sorta a mess but you can see that it has inversions, perhaps this is like Hulk 2.0 just themed to Kong.

Now that a better image of the whole park is available - yikes. This screams of Hong Kong Disneyland, Disney Studios Paris, and California Adventure. What does that mean? It means that it looks like there is a dearth of attractions planned for opening.

I can really only see 6 or 7 major attractions. The Kong coaster, another coaster (for which the model is so poor I won't even guess at what it is), the Jurassic Park ride, a stadium for Sinbad, and a few big buildings for things like Mummy and other Universal rides. Two of the buildings I would think are for children's / mild attractions, as there is a big play structure in front of them with slides and such. Universal Orlando has this kind of stuff.

Perhaps there will be more in the buildings that I can't see or whatever, but it looks like this is yet another theme park built on the cheap.



Rough and Tumble Boy said...

It does look a little like it's 'built on the cheap.' Not that The Mummy, Kong/Hulk coaster, a second coaster, something Jurassic are cheap to build, but it definitely will open with limited attractions.

On a good note, they've designed LOADS of future exansion areas into the design.

NewsPlusNotes said...

Good point - I didn't mean the park was literally going to be cheap to build - just not have a full roster of attractions, say like Universal Japan when it opened.

Odd thing with Universal though, take Universal Japan, which has added several attractions since opening, some huge like Spiderman, and then take IOA which has had relatively little capital put in and been open even longer.

I think that the Universal parks just have a different management structure that creates the differences.