Saturday, May 5, 2007

Dorney Park 2007 Opening Day Report

Today was a beautiful day for Dorney Park to open. I have seen some miserable weather days take place on opening day, but this was one perfect. The park had a nice crowd, too! This report will focus mostly on changes at the park, not just a tour of my day at the park.

First, the new logo can be seen around the park. Oddly though, in some places the Dorney logo sans Snoopy appears with the Cedar Fair general logo. This was on a stand near the park entrance.

Like I said, beautiful day. Talon was running nice as well.

A poster for Aqua Racer. Notice that Capital Blue Cross is now above the slide's name in the logo. Also of note: the park map shows the slides alternating in yellow and blue, but it's not like that. Like I pointed out in an earlier update, the two outside lanes on each side are dark blue, the two inside lanes are teal.

Twenty five cents no more. Now it's $2.83, the .25 promotion must have been just last year only.

The promotion must have worked last season, as the 'year' tee-shirts are back.

A new retail operation for this season. I never saw this coming, but I think it's a good idea. Kids love this stuff and the profit must be significant. I hope it clicks for them.

Camp Snoopy finally got new banners. They're even Dorney Park specific!

One of the new smoking areas. The umbrella can be found at all of them. A nice touch, it actually makes these areas stand out more. One thing I did notice was a security guard walk past some guests smoking on the midway, and say nothing. Not sure how much they are enforcing the policy, or perhaps it was just that guard.

No longer cotton candy at all, now face painting. Not open today though.

A new park map station. I like the advertisement on there too. Some may not like it but it makes sense.

I like this banner alot. They are along the pathway that is inside Thunderhawk leading to and from Steel Force's plaza. The logo for the ride looks slightly updated.

I don't know if these were there last year or not. They are ride safety info signs, mini versions, that are found at ride exits. Not sure I'm on the same page as to why they are necessary, but oh well.

They ARE celebrating Steel Force's 10th anniversary! It wasn't just me! Maybe I'll pretend they did it because of my historical SF construction series. Right.

A slightly different banner celebrating Steel Force's 10th anniversary.


Hard to see as it fluttered in the wind, but the new flags have the Dorney logo with the Cedar Fair logo as well.

3-Point Challenge, as popular as ever, is now $10 a pop! Or at least I think I remember it as $5 last year. I could be wrong though. I still love watching people try this. The big prize has also become a Wii this year, but you need to get 15 points, or make ALL the shots, so I doubt many of those will be given away. And don't worry about the price, they take credit cards now!

That's all I noticed today. I'm sure I'll pick up on more stuff as I visit again. Overall it seemed like it was a pretty great start to the 2007 season.


Chris said...

The "ride rules" exit signs are probably there for guests who access the ride via the entrance. It makes sense to have the rules listed for guests who don't see the sign at the entrance.

Unknown said...

hey you know the picture of the road rally sign and the supervisor in the back ground...thats me! The signs are for the people who use the special access they need to know the rules of the ride too.

NewsPlusNotes said...

Thank you both for clearing that up for me! It makes perfect sense now.

N/A said...

It looks like they are starting to go just a little overboard with the Cedar Fair branding on everything in the chain of parks.