Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Knott's Sierra Sidewinder

Snoopy sorta looks like he's feeling sick in this image, but it's a nice ad regardless. They've also put up a whole bunch of press releases for this season up on their site, and of course one of them is about Sierra Sidewinder. Check it out on Knott's site.


Rough and Tumble Boy said...

I've been watching them put this up over the last couple of months (since it's pretty much in my backyard), and can't wait for a ride. It looks seriously zippy. And that horseshoe/helix/s-curve combo is gonna rock no matter what your age!

NewsPlusNotes said...

Like I've posted before, I think the ride looks awesome. And I've also made it clear that I hope it's a big hit.

I know the ride is custom, but I hope they plop one down at Dorney. I'll keep dreaming.