Friday, May 11, 2007

Dorney Halloweekends 1998 Recap #2

Here's some more pictures from Dorney Park's 1st Halloweekends event, held back in 1998.

Oh my ... how gory! This scene lasted a couple years and you certainly won't find gore like this in the park anymore. The event is tamer now, well, it was always pretty tame but the gore is certainly gone.

Crash! This one was around a few years as well. It's funny.

Some props of zombies comin' to get ya. They're quality - those things are like two hundred each or something crazy like that. I used to look at Halloween prop websites all the time.

Awesome use of items already in the park, eh? Also take note of the Midway in the background of the picture ... where's all the buildings and stuff? Talon? Bueller?

And here we have the monster in the lake bed that had the swan boats in it for a year. Now I know where the slide pieces are from! (see post on old Wildwater Kingdom photo)

That's it for now, one more post of pictures should wrap things up next time.