Thursday, May 17, 2007

Flying Dutchman @ Dorney Park + Wind Power

I knew that Dorney Park had a wind turbine back in the day, but I never knew that it powered, or was capable of powering, as much of the park as it did. In 1979 Mother Earth News wrote:

"THE WINDJAMMER 475—billed "the most powerful private wind turbine now operating in the United States"—is a prime attraction at the 150-acre Dorney Amusement Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania. This 101-foot-tall generator—with four 75-foot blades—has a maximum power output of 225,000 watts ... enough to handle an estimated 10-15% of the park's total electric needs! School groups visit the site for free lectures on alternative energy, and plans are underway to use the big turbine to power pumps ... which will supply the park's extra water needs during the summer months."

Did the turbine come down when the Flying Dutchman did in '88? Anyone know?