Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Morgan Manufacturing Amusement Ride Flyer

Morgan Manufacturing is probably best known for their steel hyper coaster rides. Up until 2001, when the company merged with Chance Rides, the company focused mainly on such coaster rides and carousels.

Now, as the combined Chance-Morgan, the company has a full offering of amusement attractions. They still offer the coasters, but now are fully able to offer rides like different sized carousels, ferris wheels, observation towers, antique cars, thrill rides like Revolution, Aviator, Wipeout, Alpine Bobs, train rides, and transport vehicles as well.

The below flyer is from when Morgan Manufacturing was still on its own. It's not dated, but since Mamba is on it it's post 1998.

That little Family Coaster looks fun, but I do not believe one was ever built. They still offer it, though, this is in the family coaster section of Chance Morgan's website:

Maybe a park will buy one! And maybe not. Who knows.

Just as an FYI, here are the coasters that are credited to Morgan Manufacturing:

• Wild Thing, Valleyfair!, 1996
• West Coaster, Santa Monica Pier, 1996
• Steel Force, Dorney Park, 1997
• Mamba, Worlds of Fun, 1998
• Steel Eel, SeaWorld Texas, 1999
• Steel Dragon, Nagashima Spa Land, 2000
• Phantom's Revenge, Kennywood, 2001
• Quicksilver Express, Gilroy Gardens, 2001
• Superman: Ultimate Escape, Six Flags Mexico, 2004

Coaster list via Roller Coaster Database, also visit Chance Morgan's website.