Sunday, May 27, 2007

AquaRacer Review

It's fun!

I got to check it out today, and my group and the public in general seemed to really enjoy it. It's sorta odd how it's just in the middle of that walkway, but at least it divides the wave pool (which gets crazy) from the other slides and such.

Also, the game area I pointed out where Torpedo Tubes were is this "Swim Race" game. I didn't see what it costs, but it looks like you go out and swim in a large horse shoe shape in the former Torpedo pool and are timed. If you do it in a certain time you win a stuffed frog. I only saw two people try it and neither were even close to winning.

Other than that, the water park looked nice. A good start to the season, aside from the insane thunder storms that came though this evening.