Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Dorney Halloweekends 1998 Recap #1

The Halloweekends event at Dorney Park will take place this fall for it's 10th season. Yes, it was way back in 1998 that Halloweekends took place for the first time at Dorney.

I was way excited for a Halloween event to take place at Dorney again. I'd been told stories of hayrides that were scary as heck back in the 70's at the park, but as far as my memory goes I never knew the park to celebrate the holiday.

Thankfully, the American marketing machine had been in high gear through the 90s and Halloween had been growing in popularity. Hence, Cedar Fair gave it a shot at a couple of their parks in 1997, must have liked what they saw, and brought the event to Dorney in '98.

Here's the brochure for the event for '98. There was no special Halloweekends park map guide for the first seasons.

I like that they had to draw something for the cover since they had no photos to use!

The event started small, really only one haunted house, Dr. Frightner's Horror Theatre, and the scary train ride and a bunch of decorations and some fog.

I have a bunch of other photos from Dorney's '98 Halloweekends, but here's a preview. The rest will come in other updates. Stay tuned!