Saturday, August 31, 2019

World's Tallest Water Coaster to Open at Six Flags Great America Next Year

© Six Flags Great America
Six Flags Great America is already well known for their large lineup of traditional roller coasters, and the park is now going to be known for having the world's tallest water roller coaster when Tsunami Surge opens in 2020.

Standing an impressive 86 feet tall, Tsunami Surge will preside over Six Flags Great America's water park, Hurricane Harbor.  Stretching 950 feet long, the water coaster will use a propulsion system to blast rafts not only downhill, but also uphill.  In fact, the ride's layout will feature three separate uphill sections along with five drops.  The rafts will hit a maximum speed of 28 miles per hour during the attraction.

Unfortunately no full drawing of Tsunami Surge has been released yet, so the exact layout is a mystery for now, but it will be located in the Riptide Bay section of Hurricane Harbor.  The park also states that the water coaster will have five hairpin turns, tunneled sections, and special "aqualucent" sections that make "mind-blowing bursts of colors and dreamlike patterns."

“Six Flags is the undisputed leader in delivering record-breaking rides and world-class thrills,” said Six Flags Great America Park President Hank Salemi. “The new Tsunami Surge water coaster is in a class all by itself, defying gravity to blast riders uphill through 950 feet of exhilarating drops, twists and turns. This exciting, new addition is the perfect complement to an already incredible lineup of the biggest and most innovative attractions in the Midwest.”