Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Venus Vortex New at Lake Compounce's Crocodile Cove in 2020

© Lake Compounce
A brand new thrilling family water slide, named Venus Vortex, will open Memorial Day 2020 at Lake Compounce's water park, Crocodile Cove.  The large addition will go up near the park's wave pool, which is also a somewhat recent addition, on land reclaimed when the road adjacent to the park was moved several years ago.  That gave Lake Compounce a sizable open space to develop, which they have been with additions like Venus Vortex, the Bayou Bay Wave Pool and Riptide Racer.

© Lake Compounce
The slide will stand more than six stories tall and feature a yellow and green color scheme, sure to make it noticeable from afar.  The four-person rafts will start their journey simply enough, curving through some twists and turns and entering a covered tunnel portion.  Suddenly they will soar out of the tunnel and down a steep drop into a giant half-pike that is decorated to resemble "the carnivorous mouth of a hungry venus flytrip ready for its next meal."  This concept art shows the entire slide's layout, including the giant funnel.

© Lake Compounce
Once in the jaws of the giant fly trip (notice the red teeth they are going to add to the side of the slide's walls - a nice touch), the rafts will slide up and down each side giving moments of weightlessness to passengers.

The Venus Vortex will be "Lake Compounce's largest and most thrilling slide to date," said Jerry Black, Lake Compounce General Manager.  "This addition will further solidify our park as the go-to water park in Southern New England."