Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Cheetah Chase Launched Water Coaster Prowls Into Holiday World in 2020

© Holiday World
Holiday World has announced the addition of Cheetah Chase, a pair of dueling water roller coasters, to Splashin' Safari for the park's 2020 season.  The addition will be the water park's third water roller coaster, making it the "undisputed Water Coaster Capital of the world" according to the park's president, Matt Eckert.

The two sides of Cheetah Chase will feature a combined slide length of more than 1,700 feet, and each will feature bright colors that evoke those that are found on cheetahs.

© Holiday World
The attraction is billed by the park as the "world's first launched water coaster."  Each raft can seat up to three individuals at a time and rafts on both the left and right side of Cheetah Chase will depart the station at the same time.  They will then immediately be blasted forward using a horizontal water powered blast.  Sliders will hit a maximum speed of up to 30 feet per second while on Cheetah Chase.

© Holiday World
After being blasted up the first incline the rafts will begin to pass through the ride's many special features, including three sections of interaction, including a "head-to-head dueling zone" mid-ride.  There are also four separate Flying Saucer elements along the paths, which create "a faster and tighter ride with stronger g-forces" according to the park's release.

Cheetah Chase, also featuring the world's tallest Rocket Blast section at 27 feet tall, will be a very significant, $7 million investment for Holiday World.  It will join the park's award winning other water coasters, Wildebeest and Mammoth, when it opens next summer.

Check out this cool fly around animation of Cheetah Chase, and be sure to take a spin on the point of view movie as well.