Monday, August 19, 2019

Busch Gardens Tampa Gives New Peek at 2020 RMC Hybrid Coaster

© Busch Gardens Tampa
There are so many exciting projects going on in North America for 2020, one of which is the massive Rocky Mountain Construction conversion of Gwazi at Busch Gardens Tampa.  The theme park has revealed that they are indeed transforming the dueling coasters into one record breaking hybrid ride, but haven't shared all the details just yet.

Previously the park released only one image of the ride, showing a massive first drop and a sharp uphill climb that morphs into a downhill barrel roll.  And some "ests," the tallest, fastest and steepest hybrid roller coaster in North America.

Thankfully, on the recent National Roller Coaster Day, the park released a fun teaser clip on social media.  North East Coasters put it on YouTube, check it out:

There are some great point of view animation clips mixed into the "est" titles at the start, one of this shows the view from the top of the lift with a lot of the layout below.  The later clip shows a very large stall element before it ends.

There's still so much more to know about the Gwazi transformation, and the clip does promise that they will tell us soon.  Can't wait!