Thursday, August 22, 2019

Energylandia Opens New RMC IBox Coaster Zadra

© Energylandia
Out of the fields of Poland another insane Rocky Mountain Construction IBox track roller coaster has risen, and the majestic ride is named Zadra.  Perhaps that was a bit dramatic, but take a look at this coaster!  We've watched the ride being built and expected it to open in 2020, by Energylandia has gone ahead and opened the ride to guests early, giving visitors the rest of the park's operating season to take a ride.

Zadra is one of RMC's largest coasters to date, standing 200 feet tall and featuring a top speed of 75 miles per hour.

© Energylandia
The RMC IBox track sits atop traditional wooden coaster supports, but features a lift hill that uses a steel framework much like Goliath at Six Flags Great America.  The ride is rather long, 4,265 feet in length, and riders will be inverted three times during the experience.  Zadra's first inversion is a gigantic stall which can be seen above under the ride's lift hill.  The rest of the layout features two zero-g rolls along with a ton of outward banked turns, low to the ground elements, and what looks like a plethora of air-time.

If you can't afford the travel costs to get to Poland to experience Zadra yourself, here is a point of view video the park has released.  Looks like another amazing Rocky Mountain Construction ride!