Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Michigan's Adventure Removing Family Car Ride ... New for 2020 Addition?

© Michigan's Adventure
Today Michigan's Adventure shared on social media the news that the park's electric car ride, called Be-Bop Blvd, will close forever after August 11th.  That gives fans of the attraction just a handful more days to take a spin on the classic 1950's car inspired attraction.

The ride was one of the last to be built at the park before Cedar Fair purchased it in 2001.  The attraction was actually meant to open in 2000, but due to construction delays was never opened until the following season or maybe the one after that.  The ride was manufactured by D.H. Morgan, who made ten or so of these rides nearly all of which have already been removed.

As a classic antique auto style attraction, Be-Bop Blvd was different in that the cars were electrically driven, which according to some has made it have plenty of maintenance issues through the years.

© Google
The attraction takes up a decent amount of room on prime real estate within the center of the rides side of Michigan's Adventure.  The ride is outlined in blue above, giving an idea of the space it takes up.  Just from the image you can see that the park's older Arrow corkscrew ride could almost fit in the area... to give some scale.

Now the park has not said anything about why the ride is being removed or if it has to do with a new for 2020 attraction, but we can speculate that it is!  Michigan's Adventure is well known for not adding any new attractions season after season, with only some very small additions here and there.  A set of Flying Scooters, kids water area and a petting zoo are examples.

Many have long thought that the park's kiddie rides could be better collected in a Camp Snoopy style area, and this removal would give plenty of room for a small version of that.  Or maybe the park is finally due for a major thrill ride?  I wouldn't speculate on a roller coaster to be honest, but you never know.  Then again, with Kings Island just having added back antique autos this year, maybe the park will just swap out their old cars for some less maintenance-intensive antique autos next season?  We'll have to stay tuned.