Sunday, August 18, 2019

Worlds of Fun to Build Midwest's Longest Mat Racing Waterslide for 2020

© Worlds of Fun
We now know exactly what will be replacing the Diamond Head waterslides that were recently announced to be removed from World's of Fun's waterpark, Oceans of Fun.  New for 2020 will be Riptide Raceway, billed as the "Midwest's longest mat racing water slide."

The four lane mat racing slide will start 5 stories above the bottom of the slide, and the attraction will feature four lanes that riders can race on.   Using foam mats, the riders will race head-first down 476 feet of slide.

© Worlds of Fun
The attraction will feature a somewhat unique layout for a mat racing slide, with each path going through several turns, drops and a 360 degree helix before the finish line.  Riptide Raceway is being created by White Water West, and will utilize the natural sloping landscape to its advantage.  It is the first major expansion to Oceans of Fun since 2013.

“With its thrilling twists and competitive elements, Riptide Raceway is sure to be an instant fan-favorite,” said Tony Carovillano, Worlds of Fun’s vice president and general manager. “We’re constantly looking for new ways to delight our guests, whether it’s an event like the international street festival Grand Carnivale that debuted this summer, to great new dining venues, and now this exciting water park attraction. Our collection of rides, slides, and immersive events provides a complete lineup of family entertainment that’s unmatched in the region.”


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