Sunday, August 11, 2019

SeaWorld San Antonio's New Wood Coaster is Looking Great

© SeaWorld San Antonio
SeaWorld San Antonio's not-so-secret wooden roller coaster, currently standing tall over the theme park, is progressing by the day and looking better than ever.  Each new section that is going up looks more fun than from the last update, and in these new photos there are some interesting elements going up.

ACE South Central has shared a bunch of photos of the coaster on Twitter this weekend.  The park has started the turn at the top of the lift that will eventually lead to the first drop.  More interestingly, they've also added a very highly banked curve complete with elevation changes to the middle of the structure.

It's not easy to tell from the angle that the photos were taken at, but the high point of the new curve looks to be close to vertical in banking.  If the ride stays low to the ground (and fast) like the image in the original leaked art was, this is going to be a furious ride.

Some of these photos also show that the ride's station structures are being framed out, with a roof looking ready to go up next.

I hope the park announces this one soon, or maybe not, as it's quite fun to see this mystery ride go up!