Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Jersey Devil Coaster Arriving at Six Flags Great Adventure in 2020

© Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure has announced the Jersey Devil Coaster, the only ride of its type on the East Coast, for the park's 2020 season.  Themed around the infamous New Jersey mythology, the single-rail coaster, created by Rocky Mountain Construction, will be the tallest, fastest and longest ride of its kind.

The coaster will be located in the woods at the back of the park in the Lakefront section, located near Safari Kids and Congo Rapids.  The wooded location will add to the mystery of the ride, which requires only a 48 inch height requirement.  Legend has it that the Jersey Devil haunted the Pine Barrens for centuries "soaring stealthily through the woods in the dark of night before attacking its prey."  It's great to see the park use a local legend in one of its major thrill rides!

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We've seen two Rocky Mountain Construction single rail coasters built so far, but the Jersey Devil will be the largest yet.  Standing 130 feet tall, the coaster will start with an 87 degree first drop that will send the trains at 58 miles per hour.  The ride will utilize four trains of single passenger cars, with each train having 12 cars.

The single rail, I-beam track allows for a low center of gravity that gives a smooth and exciting ride experience unlike other roller coasters.  The Jersey Devil will feature elements such as a Raven Dive, a 180-degree stall, zero-gravity roll and overbank cutback all baked into 3,000 feet of track.  There will be a total of two inversions during the experience and many air-time hills.

© Six Flags Great Adventure
The coaster's orange track and gray supports will also fit the ride's theme, and each train's front car will feature the Jersey Devil himself.  The ride will be the park's 14th roller coaster when it opens next summer.

“Six Flags Great Adventure is home to the best and most innovative roller coasters on the planet, and we are thrilled to expand our unrivaled collection with the Jersey Devil Coaster,” said Park President John Winkler. “Jersey Devil folklore has been a source of fear and intrigue here in the Pine Barrens for more than 200 years, and this iconic piece of New Jersey history inspired the design for this monstrous scream machine.”

Ready to take a spin on the Jersey Devil Coaster?  Check out the park's animated point of view video below.