Thursday, August 16, 2018

Worlds of Fun + Kings Island Announce New for 2019 Additions

© Worlds of Fun
Today we had announcements of 2019 developments from two Cedar Fair parks, a part of the greater National Roller Coaster day festivities.

Worlds of Fun has announced the largest dining establishment in the park's many offerings for next year, named Boathouse Grill.  The park's new executive chef, Wesley Boston, is creating an all new menu for the large restaurant, which will be located in the Americana section of the park in front of SteelHawk and the back portion of Patriot.  The structure's "name, architecture and theming pay tribute to Worlds of Fun’s history and the three iconic boats that opened with the park in 1973."  More on that in this blog post from the park.

© Worlds of Fun
The Boathouse Grill appears to follow the cafeteria style of many restaurants that have opened in Cedar Fair parks in the last five years or so, starting with Carowinds.  It will be 9,036 square feet and feature two outdoor patios - one attached to the building seating 184 guests.  The other dining area will replace Pizza Patio and seat another 132 guests - making Boathouse Grill the largest dining establishment at the park.

The menu for Boathouse Grill will include "authentic Kansas City BBQ with homemade sauce, roastery chicken, homestyle sides, desserts and more."

© Kings Island
Next up, Kings Island announced the addition of the Kings Mills Antique Autos, a family attraction that is a throwback to a beloved attraction the park had for many years.

The slow moving cars will allow many passengers to experience 'driving' for the first time as they meander along a quarter mile long path on a three minute trip.  Kings Island used to have Les Taxis, a similar style of ride, which was removed in 2004 to make way for the Backlot Stunt Coaster.

The new Kings Mills Antique Autos will be located in Coney Mall, across the path from the Jukebox Cafe and along the famous Racer roller coaster.  The ride's path will be decorated with landscaping and theming elements that are designed to be nostalgic.  Passengers will ride in 2/3 scale replicas of the 1911 Ford Model T, further enhancing the experience.