Thursday, August 30, 2018

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom to Open Batman: The Ride in 2019

© Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Swooping in to save the day at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in 2019 is Batman: The Ride, billed as Northern California's first 4-D Free Fly Coaster.  The same model as has been installed at various Six Flags parks over the past few years, Batman: The Ride will be manufactured by S&S Worldwide and stand 120 feet tall with three layers of track.

© Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
The coaster features individual cars that will flip at least six times during the ride, using seats that rotate independently depending on onboard magnetic technology.  The trains will head up a vertical lift hill to 120 feet in the air, then start their journey along the many curves and "raven drops" built into the layout.  Passengers will have their legs dangling with nothing above or below them during the ride.

© Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Batman: The Ride will be located next to the Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster on the former location of the park's go-karts.  It will be a tall presence along the border of the park, drawing attention from those arriving for their day of fun.  These concept drawings show an elaborate indoor queue and even what looks like a small area for possibly a Batmobile display.

Check out this preview animation of Batman: The Ride at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom: