Thursday, August 9, 2018

Six Flags Great America Hard at Work on Teasing New for 2019 Project

Something new is on its way to Six Flags Great America in 2019... and the park has started a series of "Road to Glory" teaser videos leading up to the announcement at the end of this month.

Above is the first video, which features a water park visitor and his race crew... I say race crew since they are dressed like that and the video features some graphics that are seemingly race themed.  The visitor gets sun lotion sprayed and heads off on his mission, "up there."

The second video, above, has now been released and in it we see the visitor and his crew sending him down the park's Dive Bomber trap-door drop water slide.

The crew times him on the slide, and after telling him he can "do better," they make a very clear point to show that the time registered exactly 2 seconds.  I'm not sure exactly what that means, but they were very specific in showing that.  We will have to wait and see what kind of hints the third video gives us!

© Six Flags Great America
As for where this project is going, it would appear as though the park will be utilizing the space they gained when they removed the Pictorium earlier this year.  The structure appears on the 2018 park map, so one has to wonder if its removal was a last minute decision.

Either way, it's a large plot of land that is now open, which is nicely demonstrated above.  It's also located adjacent to the most recently developed part of Hurricane Harbor, and with the theme of the videos it would seem that a new water attraction is on the way.

Unless that's a red herring?  Stay tuned to find out.