Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Hansa Park to Build Nearly 400 Foot Tall Drop Tower in 2019

© Hansa Park
Hooray for really tall new drop towers!  One of my favorite thrills on the planet, drop towers have proven to be a popular attraction at parks across the globe, especially true for Germany's Hansa Park in 2019 when they open Highlander.

Billed as the "world's tallest and fastest Gyro Drop Tower," the ride will stand 394 feet tall and feature a free fall of around 334 feet - reaching a maximum speed of 75 miles per hour on the way down.  There are other drop towers that are taller, so I think the park is stressing that this will be the tallest gyro style tower, or even the tallest that the manufacturer has made.

The tower will be built by Funtime, which currently offers a portable drop tower named SkyFall, but Highlander sounds like an improved and permanent version of that ride.  It will have 24 seats in a circle around the tower, and as an added bonus the seats will tilt downward for the drop so that riders have no choice but to look at the ground!

Hansa Park released this preview video to help fans of the park get exited for the towering plunge of Highlander.  The ride will be the main attraction in "Beautiful Britain," a new themed section.  It will highlight the park's existing Nessie roller coaster (a classic Schwarzkopf ride) along with the famous castles of Scotland.