Friday, August 31, 2018

Darien Lake Adds Six Flags Branding + New Swing Tower in 2019

© Six Flags Darien Lake
It's a case of deja vu for Darien Lake, as the park has announced that they will once again be known as Six Flags Darien Lake starting in 2019.

The park was brought back into the Six Flags family earlier this year when the company purchased the operating lease to the park.  The amusement park added the Six Flags name in 1999, when the company was under totally different ownership.  That lasted until the park was sold once more in 2007, and the Six Flags name and all theming associated with their licensed brands was stripped from the park.

Several different owners and operators have been in control of the park since, bringing different additions with a major expansion to the Splashtown water park as one of the largest.  This year the park opened Tantrum, a new compact Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter coaster - the park's first new roller coaster in a decade.

© Six Flags Darien Lake
With Six Flags Entertainment back in charge, the park has announced a new thrill ride for 2019, the Six Flags SkyScreamer.  One of the popular tower swing rides that have gone up at many parks, it will be the state's "tallest attraction" at 242 feet.

Riders will be seated in one of 16 two-passenger chairs that are attached to the tower and start their ascent.  The chairs will swing around in a 98-foot circle at a maximum speed of 35 miles per hour once they get up to the top giving an unparalleled view of the land surrounding the park.

No other changes for the park, such as possibly bringing back ride names and themes from the first round of Six Flags ownership, have been announced yet.  Stay tuned for more on changes at the park.