Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Three Six Flags Parks to Debut New Fright Fest Mazes Based on Major Motion Picture

© Six Flags
Six Flags Entertainment Corporation has announced that they are partnering with CBS Films to create haunted houses based on Lionsgate's newest horror film, titled Hell Fest.

The new film will open in theaters on September 28th, and visitors to three Six Flags Parks (Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags Magic Mountain and Six Flags Great America) will be able to encounter the film come to life in a frightening new haunted house.  The haunted attractions will features some of the "movie's most unnerving, goriest and most epic scenes."

© Six Flags
“Fall means Halloween and for millions of people, Halloween means Fright Fest at their favorite Six Flags theme park,” commented the film’s director Gregory Plotkin, who continued, “We are excited for Six Flags patrons to have the unique opportunity to step inside the terrifying world of ‘Hell Fest.’ I can’t wait to hear the screams and laughter!”

According to press materials, the film is set in an amusement park that is taking part in Halloween activities, but a costumed maniac known as "the Other" is after park guests... making it hard to tell what is a real threat or part of the park's celebration.  This is certainly a concept that has crossed my mind before... I'm sure many of yours as well!

The maze will start with visitors walking through Devil's Mouth into the Hell Fest Maze, then through various rooms themed to parts of the movie:

•  The Mausoleum, an increasingly narrow corridor that forces guests to feel the touch of death
•  The Mask Room a haunting room filled with floating white faces that could spring to life when visitors least expect it
•  The Doll Room, filled with dolls straight out of the worst nightmares
•  The Torture Chamber, where the bodies of the disassembled, dissected and disemboweled wish to share their horrific ending

Visitors will rush to find their way out of the maze to escape being trapped by the Other forever.  For more information on each park's Fright Fest event, check out the official Six Flags website.