Monday, August 6, 2018

Cedar Point to Retire Witches' Wheel for "Future Expansion"

© Cedar Point
Cedar Point recently took to their official blog to announce that the park's Huss Enterprise, named Witches' Wheel, will be retired before the end of the 2018 season.  While fans of the ride may be disappointed, the park did mention that the ride is being removed to make way for "future expansion," though no more details were given on that front.

The Witches' Wheel opened at Cedar Point in 1977 and according to the park has spun more than 24 million riders in the air.  That's a lot of spinning if you think about it!

© Google Maps
Witches' Wheel is located just inside the resort entrance gates and to the right, also along the Gemini midway.  It was not changed much when that midway underwent heavy renovations in 2014, and its corner-location makes it sit on some prime real estate.

The aerial above shows the ride's location in the pink box - it is pretty tucked in between Gemini and the start of Magnum's lift/final turns.  So I'm not sure I can see this being a part of a much larger expansion, though the area would be prime for a tall/modern thrill ride.  The location gets a ton of foot traffic, especially these days with resort guests coming and going, and we know that the park likes to make a statement with their entrances!

No word on any official announcement date from the park, so stay tuned.  Until then, you can still take a spin on Witches' Wheel until its final day, September 3rd, 2018.


Unknown said...

Very sad to see this classic go 😢 I’m 50 and remember this when it first appeared and still in shock you’re removing such a nostalgic part of Cedar Point. This is a family favorite and I’m sure many are feeling the same way!