Thursday, August 30, 2018

Copperhead Strike Slithers Into Carowinds in 2019

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An announcement we've all been waiting for, today Carowinds revealed that Copperhead Strike will debut at the park in 2019.  The coaster is a custom-designed double LSM launch ride created by Mack Rides, and is the centerpiece of a totally new 7-acre themed area called Blue Ridge Junction.

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We've been following the park's clues about Granny's big secret for weeks now, and today the storyline all makes sense.  Visitors will be sneaking onto Granny's farm to get the recipe for her award-winning jam, only to discover that she's brewing much more than that in big copper vats.  Once she discovers the intruders the only means of escape is to blast off the farm in one of three trains themed as 1930s coupes.  But watch out, as there are a ton of Copperhead snakes lurking about on your escape path.

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The ride's appearance will match the elaborate story line, with all buildings on the farm themed appropriately and what even appears to be a field of corn to be planted.  The coaster features two launches, the first takes the 16-passenger trains from zero to 42 miles per hour in 2.5 seconds, and the second located mid-ride will go from 35 miles per hour to 50 miles per hour in 2 seconds.

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This diagram shows all the different elements of Copperhead Strike over its 3,255 feet of track.  The coaster will start out with a jo-jo roll, which is a heartline roll taken at a slow speed right from the station.  This element first appeared on Hydra at Dorney Park.  There is a vertical loop and corkscrew right after the first launch, and after the second launch (which takes place over an air-time hill!) an inverted top hat and another vertical loop - a total of 5 inversions in all.  In between those elements are a ton of low-to-the-ground turns and overbanks.

© Carowinds
The park has several fantastic animations for Copperhead Strike on their website, but here is one to give you an idea of the coaster:

The new Blue Ridge Junction area will not only contain Copperhead Strike, but also a brand new restaurant, Blue Ridge Country Kitchen.  Formerly known as Wings restaurant, the new location will feature an all new theme, menu and additional air-conditioned seating.  The menu will feature "delicious rotisserie chicken and other farm-fresh goodness inspired by the mountains of the Carolinas."

On top of these changes, Carowinds is also pleased to be opening their first hotel, the SpringHill Suites by Mariott toward the end of next year, and are also building a new dormitory to house student employees.  In all, 2019 will be the largest capital expansion since the park initially opened.


Hans said...

Hard to know who the target audience for this is. It's a slow ride, which might appeal to more timid riders, but it has several inversions, something those same riders usually like to avoid.