Thursday, August 30, 2018

Six Flags America's Apocalypse to be Reborn as Firebird in 2019

© Six Flags America
After Six Flags America announced the upcoming retirement of Apocalypse: The Last Stand (closing on September 8th), many began to wonder if the ride would be totally removed or if it would get a new lease on life via floorless trains.  Today the park confirmed the latter, as the ride will open again next year as Firebird.

Offering a much more comfortable riding experience than as a stand-up coaster, Firebird will also receive a new paint job of what looks like black supports with a two-tone track of red and yellow.

© Six Flags America
The park released these drawings of the new trains, which will of course be manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard, the original builders of the roller coaster.  They will continue the color scheme seen in the concept art for the track and supports, adding orange into the mix as well.  The new trains will take on the ride's 90 foot drop and two inversions, along with several twists and the figure-eight finale.

Those who still wish to ride Apocalypse have until September 8th to do so.  Six Flags America plans to open Firebird in the spring of 2019.