Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Night Comes to Life at SeaWorld Orlando's Electric Ocean

SeaWorld Orlando has debuted a brand new nighttime entertainment extravaganza, named Electric Ocean, giving a totally different feel to the park once the sun goes down.  SeaWorld Orlando describes the event as one that "transforms the park into an imaginative and immsersive undersea world that glows, entertains and excites."

© SeaWorld Orlando
A main hub of activity for Electric Ocean can be found at the Club Sea Glow, a massive dance party held at the park.  Family friendly in nature, the party features world-class DJs and up to 35 live performers, such as the puppeteers seen in the photo above.  There are also dance acts that interact with guests, the popular "laser man," cirque-style performers and more.  Specialty food and retail items are also offered, such as interactive RFID accessories that glow and react to the beat of the music.

Other elements of Electric Ocean include the live shows "Sea Lions Tonight" and "Shamu's Celebration: Light Up The Night."

© SeaWorld Orlando
A major new addition to the park is Ignite, a nighttime spectacular that takes park on the theme park's central lake.  The show is massive in size and features a powerful music score along with synchronized water effects that blast up to 100 feet in the air.  Combined with intricate lighting, laser projections and more effects the show is impressive, even for the Orlando market.

© SeaWorld Orlando
Ignite is also a fireworks show at heart, with plenty of them going off throughout the performance.  There are also fire cannons that shoot towering flames into the air.  Ignite ends with a huge finale that combines all of the different special effects with fireworks - the perfect way to end a day at the park!

In addition to Electric Ocean SeaWorld Orlando also recently opened Kraken Unleashed, a new virtual reality roller coaster experience.