Thursday, June 29, 2017

Rocky Mountain Construction Unveils First Test Run of Raptor Prototype

© Rocky Mountain Construction
Since first being announced a couple years ago, we've all been excited to see the Raptor concept from Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) come to life.  From recent work that the company has completed at their facility, it would appear as that day is closer than ever.

RMC has fabricated several hundred feet of Raptor track at their headquarters, meant for testing the concept before it appears at any park.  Seen above is part of that test track, freshly painted in orange and teal colors.

The Raptor concept is intended to provide a highly thrilling roller coaster to parks that are looking to save on both cost and space.  The ride uses a single rail track and cars that seat riders individually.  This sales video that was released some time ago gives you all you'll need to know:

Back to current times, as we noted RMC has now moved on to a full test of the concept, which they've been sharing photos of for some time.  But just recently we got our most exciting look at the Raptor track yet, in the form of testing video!

Now this of course is only a small bit of what the Raptor track is capable of, but it still looks promising.  The sales video shows that the ride system will be capable of steep drops, banks and multiple inversions, all condensed in a small area.  Several other companies have already found success with rides of that nature, such as Intamin's Mega-Lite or Chance Rides' Hyper GT-X.

So now that RMC has created a running prototype of the Raptor concept, does this mean that we will see one at a park soon?