Sunday, July 30, 2017

Australia's New DC Rivals Hypercoaster Almost Complete in New Updates

Scheduled to open this October, which is the start of the busy season in Australia, Movie World Gold Coast is hard at work on finishing up construction of the DC Rivals Hypercoaster.  The impressive design from Mack Rides will tower of the park at 202 feet in the air, featuring a bright shade of pink track.

When the ride was announced a significant amount of track was already standing, and in the weeks since things have progressed even further.  The latest photos show that major elements of the ride, such as the non-inverting loop, giant camel back hill, and many of the speed bumps on the return trip are already complete.

© Movie World Australia
Another exciting element that is now complete is the ride's first drop, which features a 90 or so degree right hand turn on the way down.  The drop looks extremely steep, as is common on similar rides with a turning first drop, as seen in recent photos posted to Parkz.  The very top of the lift hill shows the trains plunging under the laughing Joker - perhaps that element will be added soon.

Even more recently the actual lift hill has started to rise to meet the already-in-place first drop.  Both Gold Coast Theme Parks as well as Parkz have photos of the lift heading upward - it looks like it will only be a few days until the track is complete!  I'm excited to see this ride testing, the combination of height, speed and quickly changing elements makes this coaster have a ton of potential in my book.  And if that's your sort of thing, it will have a seat that's permanently turned backward on each train!