Thursday, July 6, 2017

A New Round of 2018 Teasers Posted for Three Major Parks

© Hersheypark
Another week... another round of new teasers for several park's new-for-2018 attractions.  Let's start with Hersheypark, which has now moved to having a full website for their 2018 additions.  The park isn't being at all shy about letting us know that something is coming to The Boardwalk, the park's water park.

Just what will remain a mystery for now... but it is worth noting that the webpage's title is "2018 Attractions" - the "s" is encouraging.  It looks like there will be new clues posted each week, the first of which is posted above, so we'll have to see just how many of their cards they will show before announcing.

© Kings Dominion
Kings Dominion is back at it with their 3rd tease, seen above.  This week features a photo of apples and the text "3. Better than none."

The text is making me think that last week's clue might indeed mean that the new ride will have 20 moments of air-time, which is better than the 4 Hurler had.  (But did it have 4?)  I only think that because this week's to me means the new coaster will have 3 inversions, which is better than the zero that Hurler had.  We'll see.

Looking at the background text this week I see the words Down, Rotten, Side, Candy, Apple, Grove and Up.  Some repeating from the previous weeks, and some new ones... confusing ones like Rotten.  Not sure what that could mean!

© Jeffrey Siebert
Finally, we now have Six Flags Fiesta Texas starting a bit of a hint campaign as well.  The park's President, Jeffrey Siebert, who has a long history of interacting with the enthusiast community, has started posting some teaser images on different Facebook pages.

Above is one posted that mentions that "time flies around here!" with the image.  I take that to mean that something must be removed to add whatever 2018 brings.  He also posted one that asks if we're ready for "the next adventure" with an image of the text 2018.  Then there's also this one of the word Tonight over a city skyline... I'm not sure what this one means either.  But we know something worth teasing is coming!