Monday, July 3, 2017

The Park at OWA Set to Officially Open on July 21st

© The Park at OWA
Not much longer to wait!  The Park at OWA has announced that their official opening date will be July 21st, 2017, just a few weeks from now.  The new amusement park is part of the larger OWA development in Foley, Alabama, which will feature overnight accommodations along with a large shopping, dining and entertainment area.

The Park at OWA has also updated their web page to include details on all the rides they have, along with hours and ticket information.  The park has been exclusively been supplied by Zamperla for rides, featuring 21 in total.  There are rides aimed at all park visitors, from small children to adults looking for thrilling attractions.

Above is a video that the park shared of their biggest ride, Rollin' Thunder, going through test runs.  The coaster features a vertical lift hill, 115 foot vertical plunge and several inversions.  There will be two other roller coasters, a spinning wild mouse style ride named Crazy Mouse and for kids the Southern Express.

Other thrill rides include an Air Race, an Endeavour named Alabama Wham'a, Twister, which has a spinning and inverting pendulum, and Freedom Flyer, a vertical swing ride.

All day tickets are listed as starting at $34.99, with a season pass running $89.99.