Sunday, July 2, 2017

Vekoma's Latest Ride - Lech Coaster - Looks Amazing

© Legendia
We already knew that Lech Coaster, at Poland's Legendia theme park, had a great looking layout but now we have on-ride proof that the ride looks, well, amazing.  It just opened to the public yesterday, but fans are already sharing footage from the ride's preview day.

Vekoma hasn't always been known for the most comfortable multi-looping steel coasters, but here's hoping that Lech Coaster is smooth and comfortable!

I hope so because the ride has a twisted series of elements and interactions with theming the park installed (see photo at top) that look top notch.  The trains appear to carry their speed really well throughout the course, hopping in and through elements such as a "reverse sidewinder," a heartline roll through a building and a corkscrew.  The twists, turns, extreme banking and fast direction changes are what have me the most interested, though.  Lech Coaster appears to have something planned for riders from the moment they dive from 131 feet in the air at 59 miles per hour to the final brakes.

If you want to see the on-ride video, check out the video below, it takes place after the off-ride shots which are just as good.  There has to be significant air-time on that one hill!