Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Fun Spot America Expands with New Park Purchase in Georgia

Fun Spot America theme parks, which has two locations in central Florida is on a path to expansion.  After greatly growing both of the existing parks, including a wild new wooden roller coaster this season, the company has moved out of the state and purchased an existing family entertainment center in Fayetteville, Georgia, which is just over 20 miles South of Atlanta.

The park being purchased is known as Fun Junction USA, which opened in 1990 according to this news story.  The park currently offers a wide variety of amusements and attractions including two go-kart tracks, several mini-golf courses, zip-lines, laser tag, and both adult and kiddie rides.  According to the park's website the larger rides include a Spider, a 44 foot tall drop ride, a Screamin' Swing and the Scream'n Eagle, a galaxy style roller coaster.

© Google Maps
What is most interesting to the purchase is that after they rebrand the park as a Fun Spot America, which may happen in 2018, they have a lot of room to expand the park if they want.  The news reports 95 free acres to be developed, which allows for a full master plan to be drawn up as to where the new owners want the park to go.

That's exciting considering what Fun Spot did with the Orlando location when they obtained land for expansion.  A couple of roller coasters and plenty of other rides were added to create a very nice mini-amusement park.  If anything like that develops at the new site, that would be a major plus for the people living near the park!