Friday, July 14, 2017

News Profile Points to Busy 2018 for Rocky Mountain Construction

Rocky Mountain Fans rejoice!  A new profile by a local news station points to a very busy 2017 for the popular roller coaster manufacturer.  While the story does not say all these projects will open in 2017, they do say that they have 7 different projects being worked on right now, with one of them being shipped to Japan.

So even if that's 6 new projects for North America, that leaves 4 new rides that we're not yet aware of (when you remove the two fairly obvious Cedar Fair projects).  Of course there could be rides for Europe or perhaps their first in booming China, we don't know quite yet.  But it is promising news nonetheless.

What we do know about the U.S. coasters is that Rocky Mountain Construction has come up with a new train design, or an improvement over their current rolling stock.  Fred Grubb, the company's owner, stated in the story that the U.S. coasters will be receiving this new design.  He also said that next year's round of new coasters will see new records set, such as tallest and fastest (but not necessarily those two).

The reporter who went to Rocky Mountain's facility got to take a spin on the Raptor prototype that is currently set up, and filmed a point of view.  While we've seen the ride running before we haven't had this type of footage - certainly looks like a fun time!  At this point it seems almost certain that we're not far off from seeing a Raptor installed at a park... but where?