Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Two Thrilling New Rides Now Open at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

© Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Just in time for the busy summer season, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk has opened their two new thrill rides.  Part of a $14 million expansion, the attractions are already drawing new riders to the famous seaside amusement park.

Decked out in colors that are sure to make the ride seen from afar, above is the first of the two new rides - Typhoon.  The ride features two passenger cars with floorless seats.  Each car completes several full rotations during the experience, both forwards and backwards, fully inverting riders as they go.  The top of the ride stands more than 60 feet in the air and it was manufactured by A.R.M.

© Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk's second new ride is named Shockwave, and it stands an impressive 65 feet tall.  Riders are positioned in motorcycle-style seats, facing outward, on a giant ring.  The ring both spins and rocks back and forth up the "U" shaped track, giving a mixture of spinning weightlessness.  Manufactured by Zamperla, Shockwave has been placed on the park's upper deck adjacent to the Undertow roller coaster.

The park has done even more than the two new rides this year, including a remodeled entrance area where Typhoon is located.  They have also renovated their Fright Walk haunted house, made changes to the popular Vault Laser Maze Challenge and added new food offerings.