Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Latest on Kings Island's Mystic Timbers Coaster Progress

© Kings Island
After getting an early start on construction this past fall, Mystic Timbers, the brand new wooden roller coaster at Kings Island, is now proudly standing over the park's Rivertown section.  Not only standing over, but also snaking through the woods of the land as well, with the structure weaving around and over the White Water Canyon rapids ride.

When completed, Mystic Timbers will have 3,265 feet of track that starts with the 109 foot lift hill that can been seen in the photo above.  As trains plummet down the curving first drop (right near Diamondback's first drop) the trains will hit speeds of around 53 miles per hour.

Kings Island has done a great job of keeping updated construction photos of Mystic Timbers available on the park's website; if you haven't kept up with it make sure to check them out here.  Also, there are some really great aerial photos of Mystic Timbers available on this blog.  It's really neat to be able to get a feel for just how many times the coaster will use bridges to pass over the river ride below!