Saturday, January 7, 2017

A Full Look at Worlds of Fun's New Entrance Plaza

After revealing it piece by piece, we finally have a full look at the new entrance gate that is coming to Worlds of Fun in 2017.  Here is is:

© Worlds of Fun
Looks nice, eh?  As we were thinking earlier when only half the image was clear, the new Worlds of Fun entrance ties together the park's theme more than we saw at the recent Carowinds and Cedar Point entrances.  Those entrances are very sleek and modern (and nice), and so is this one, but it definitely helps to keep the park's original theme alive.

Also, I have to point out the giant logo balloon in the center of the new plaza.  That's an amazing addition!  I'm quite glad to see the park continue to focus on that logo, which pays homage to Around The World in Eighty Days and gives the park's lands their themes.

Now the only question is just exactly where in the gigantic construction zone that the park has going on will the entrance be, which we will just have to wait to see!